[About the Comic]
Axel and Chloe Rikier are trying to raise a traditional suburban family in the American Midwest in the late 1980’s. Their kids are Anton: a very ambitious law student, Carly: a hopeful student teacher, Jonathan: an aspiring rock musician, and the youngest children, Erika: the tortured artist and Rainier: a fledgling soccer star. They are, despite their differences, one big happy family; sharing life’s ups and downs, heartaches and laughs in a quickly changing world.

[About the Comic: Real World Stuff]
Clan Rikier, created by N.T. Crotser, is a slice of life webcomic featuring anthropomorphic characters set in the late 1980’s. Clan Rikier is written and Illustrated by N.T. & C.R. Crotser, supplemental story editor duties are handled by fantasy author, Räsca Zobeon. Clan Riker is created on a HP Z220 workstation powered by Debian GNU+Linux. A Huion Kamvas GT-191 and raster graphics program Krita are used to create the art.